Wednesday, January 4

Top 10 Most Popular Post In 2016

Top 10 Most Popular Post In 2016

Happy Happy New Year and a Happy Happy 2017 my friends and fellow savers! 

2016 is over! Some of us can't wait for it to end, some wished it never ends. Whichever side you are on, lets take a look at some of the things that happened in my little blog. I look at famous bloggers with millions of views and comments in their blogs and it has always been my desire to be able to come up with a Top 10 list myself. Not the most impressive stats but at least it shows more than 1 person reading my blog since i started active blogging in 2016.  

Tuesday, December 27

To Don't Do List

It goes without saying that the number one thought on everyone's mind is a resolution for the new year as we are reaching the end of the year. It is therefore also save to assume that we are all thinking about what we wanna do to reach our goals and how we plan to achieve that. 

Tuesday, December 20

Monthly Savings & Expenses November 2016

Monthly Savings & Expenses November 2016

Time flies really really fast! Especially when it's nearing the end of the year. And before I know it, it is already 20 days into the month of December! Very late to be posting my November 2016 savings and expenses. But I can't let it stop after documenting for the past 10 months. This is what happens when you keep putting off something to the next day and it never gets done.

Wednesday, December 7

Cash is always king

'Cash is King!' This is a long time catch phrase through so many generations. Online payments, cashless payments like PayPal, ApplePay, AndroidPay probably took some shine off the King, but it is still and in my opinion should always be King. 

Monday, November 21

A Birthday Gift For Myself

Every time my birthday nears, I try to come up with the gifts that can gift to my to signify this special day. Striving to be different this year, i decided not to buy any gifts on impulse and instead, I am going to reflect on the year that had gone past with regards to my financial situation as well as the various money challenges I set out at the beginning of the year.