Wednesday, December 7

Cash is always king

'Cash is King!' This is a long time catch phrase through so many generations. Online payments, cashless payments like PayPal, ApplePay, AndroidPay probably took some shine off the King, but it is still and in my opinion should always be King. 

Monday, November 21

A Birthday Gift For Myself

Every time my birthday nears, I try to come up with the gifts that can gift to my to signify this special day. Striving to be different this year, i decided not to buy any gifts on impulse and instead, I am going to reflect on the year that had gone past with regards to my financial situation as well as the various money challenges I set out at the beginning of the year.

Wednesday, November 16

BREAKING NEWS! Sex of Baby 2 Revealed!

The night before our gynae visit was full of excitement and anticipation. We kept telling Chloe about the visit to the doctor and asking her opinion of whether she will have a little brother or sister. To which she gave mixed response of 'didi' (brother) and 'meimei' (sister).

Tuesday, November 15

Monthly Savings & Expenses October 2016

Monthly Savings & Expenses October 2016

October being my birth month is usually the lowest point of the year for me. In the financial sense that is. But i am very proud to say that with my savings plan that i set out at the beginning of the year, it's not such a bad birthday month for me this time round.

Tuesday, November 8

Forex Trading - October 2016 Update

Forex Trading - October 2016 Update

Been following the EURUSD pair for a few months now. Put my learning of price action into use this month and saw some great results!